Anaïs Mitchell’s Two Kids


This is the Arabic verse translated:

Why, mother?
Why did you cover up all the windows?
Also we cannot see the sunshine
We don’t see the light
and no air
not today
not yesterday
not before yesterday
we haven’t seen the eyes of the sun
Keep your voice down
Keep the door closed
You say that we are like in a prison.

She wrote this song many years ago, in Syria, and had a local poet help write the Arabic verse.

The song is incredibly reflective and begins an introspection within me every time it starts.

There was this house, in a field full of houses
It was the bad guys, living in there
But I saw this kid, looking out from the window
And he didn’t look bad, he only looked scared

We grow up, counting the days ahead and longing for the days gone by. Yet in all honesty, how far have we come in terms of addressing the fears from our youth?