Heart is out of plunge

I would like to end this year on a good note. Well actually it’s been a pretty interesting year. I have been very productive and despite some setbacks, I’ve felt that I’ve been more ‘on course’ this year than ever before.

But first thing’s first. Giving thanks.

I finally wrote that thank-you to Anaïs and yep, I feel foolish about it but nothing I can do now. Her manager was so kind to have replied. What a bunch of genuinely lovely people. I would be the first one to buy tickets when she tours here.

I also finally recorded my cover of Anaïs’s song Young Man In America, one of my favourite songs to play – whether it’s warming up, or warming down, it’s such an enormously beautiful ballad.

Here is my cover (along with wilderland intro, the tie-in is just superb):

Some new tracks are in the works, along with re-workings of old tracks. I do feel closer to completing my EP, but there is still a fair way to go.

Part of introducing new stylings are new challenges, and the discomfort of looking to the past. Because if you want to evolve, you want to know where you came from and where to change. So I sat down, had a good think, and decided to record myself singing the very first song I’d ever written as a whole, two years ago.

This was important to me. I am grateful for my life experiences, all the good stuff and all the shit stuff … it’s the unique combination that makes them unique, and I don’t want to hide that. I want to acknowledge what the past taught me, thereby acknowledging myself, past and present.

And so, here is me singing my very first song that I wrote early 2015, called Heart Out Of Plunge, the title I think gives away my state at the time: