A Fine Night – my debut single release


So it has finally started!

I shared my debut single, ‘A Fine Night’, a couple of weeks ago online and I got some amazing responses. I’m so grateful!

The song is about recognising that there is always a choice, and finally finding the courage to make a potentially life changing decision. It is about empowerment, creating a healthy, loving, supportive dialogue with yourself, written from a female perspective [mine].

Listen here:



This fine night
Where it began
Under the darkness
Between the lights

Down by the water
Down by the sea
Under the moonlight
She set it free

It’s alright, freedom is in sight
Between the spaces, into the night

Oh what a feeling, oh tonight
It’s gonna be alright, under the moonlight

Oh it’s alright, it’s your right
Under the moonlight

Oh it’s tonights, it’s for life
Under the moonlight


Looking back on my personal journey through my late 20’s, I reflected on how I put myself last to pursue a career, a relationship, and friendships all detrimental to my health. I became very ill and my immune system suffered under the stresses and I could no longer continue in that way. Because all those things took away my energy and time, and gave me little in return. Instead of feeling nurtured, I was starving. I was feeling spent all the time, and my heart kept breaking.

Instead of pursuing insanity by repeating the same patterns – asking the same people to give me things they couldn’t – I decided to ask of myself those things instead: love, trust, honesty, integrity, respect, care, patience, gratitude, kindness, openness.

And once I started to hear myself, to listen to my intuition, I recognised and were attracted to others who ‘spoke the same language’. My choice was to pursue music as my form of self expression and meditation (a term I use loosely). And I saw the wonder of self expression in others too, as many forms as there are human beings on this planet.

I was inspired by the stories of courage and self growth amongst my peers. And the common themes were always about bringing the focus back to themselves, instead of giving in to something external, or out of their control. It being anything such as an illness, an addiction, an ex or current partner, colleague or friend, a job etc.

Acoustic Version: