A lesson on mistakes and back-ups


So, at some point in time I decided that I needed a storefront to sell the content services I offer. People like to know upfront what they are in for and how much to budget for. And since I was sick and off work, I decided to give it a shot. And VOLA! Here is my >SHOP<!

shasha gong shop

Ok Ok … as you can see everything ended well. But what you don’t see is how one little code change had completely stuffed the server around and the entire shop just collapsed into a void … a void I couldn’t access!

I spent a good part of a whole day working on the site, and I was so pleased with myself. Everything looked good and was working. So like what everyone who’s in this position would do, we try to spruce things up a bit. Add bits here and there. That’s where things went wrong for me.

I read an article on how to change the eCommerce system’s default after purchase screen so that it’ll show my customised page. But I changed the code in the wrong PHP directory. So that messed it. Then when I went back to undo the changes … the whole thing just kinda died with the 500 (error code).

Recently I got my boyfriend to watch Halt and Catch Fire with me. I’ve been following it since it came out in 2014. And after just coming off the buzz from season 3, my boyfriend basically had no choice. He likes it anyway.

Anyway … there’s a massive story at Cardiff, where Cameron loses her program and all her back-ups weren’t working (without giving much away). That was basically how I was feeling by the end of the night. It was almost midnight and I was exhausted and feeling like a huge ass for not backing things up, and knowing I’d wake up the next day having to deal with re-writing everything.

I tried to clone the directory. Didn’t work.

I installed a new directory, copy and pasted some folders across. Didn’t work.

I tried pretty much all I could think of and nothing was working. So I raised a ticket with my hosting provider, see if they have a restore point I can use.

Thankfully, I opened my mobile and I had a cached version of my terms page (have you seen it? its hideous). So I quickly copied it and emailed it to myself, just in case I had to rewrite everything.

Then I fell asleep. Had some horrible dreams as expected.

But somewhere between my panic and sleep … and the reply I got from the techie … I got an idea. The techie said ‘I disabled your theme and the site is now working’.

I know, no major revelation. But … then I remembered how I deleted the theme folder in my clone directory and how I reinstalled it back. So I thought I’d try that with the actual shop directory.

BOOM! I fixed it, just like that.

What have you learnt Shasha?

Well … I made sure everything was working. I triple checked all my directories. And now I’m carefully going in, getting rid of all the trash, and about to backup all my directories. Always takes a lesson like this to learn what not to do! I’m afraid I’ll always remember this mistake, even though things worked out in the end and I don’t have to rewrite anything (thank goodnesssss!!!). But it could have been a disaster.

Also, panic gets you nowhere. Like, I know this, time and time again I know this. But for feck’s sake it just keeps getting triggered.

Clean up and back-up regularly folks!

And …









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