You win some, you lose some, and why boundaries matter


… and it’s nearly end of 2017.

What a rollercoaster year it’s been. With 3 clients under my belt, this year was considered pretty busy and yet I’ve ended up poorer and a little unhappy.



You win some …

Yes I got a number of contracts, and they’ve all been long term contracts +6 months. By the 3rd month, I started to feel my interest fade. So I’ve made it clear that going forward, I will try to wrap up projects quicker. And ongoing work will be considered as additional. Building an online shop, and creating virtual products has helped me clarify the types of services I offer, the price I expect to charge (for a reasonably sized project), and what the clients can expect of me through writing my terms.
This has also helped me clarify to myself boundaries both to set the client’s expectations, and for me to set my boundaries from the beginning. Such as making it clearer going forward how many rounds of editing to do, and agree on a project end date early on.

These are some fantastic lessons I’ve learnt. They’re really going to come in handy in the future.

You lose some …

In the process of inadvertently shifting my focus on doing the work, I’ve put aside music. And it ended up a lot more severe than I had thought and had planned. I wanted to still practice music on a regular basis, but once the projects started rolling, the client demands were incessant. I couldn’t get a break, and I kept worrying. And not knowing when the projects were to end, meant my stress levels were constantly through the roof.┬áSee setting up boundaries above.

Because I was so distant from myself, I was easily stressed and I was getting quite depressed! Considering how far I’ve fallen in the past, I heeded the warning signs this time, and took some time off in-between. Unfortunately, without those boundaries that I now realise are so utterly critical to my sanity, it only slowed down the build up but didn’t prevent or remove it completely.

But I’m still standing. And I’ve made my needs heard, loud and clear. And before this year end, I will have made further progress in the music aspects and lead me one step closer to my goal.

Things are in the works, such as my next podcast episode and some new music I’ve been working on … and if you want to support me on my journey, I’d love for you to do so via my Patreon page: