Songs that hit right at the heart. The SoundFly community calls the debut EP Eventide ‘a deep dive through your emotions.’

Feiloka writes from the heart, and embraces vulnerability. This is as honest and as human as a song can be, in the autobiography style of songwriting.

If you enjoy the likes of Jewel, Sara Bareilles, Anaïs Mitchell and Feist, then you will find a nostalgia in Feiloka’s debut EP ‘Eventide’.

It shines a light on the human heart, encapsulating the vulnerabilities of honest songwriting. There is something deeply human and beautifully fragile at work here. It has gained attention from communities like SoundFly and airplay from radio stations, including a live interview with FM99.3.

Feiloka, a Sydney Australia based artist, writes with bundles of life experiences; sharing stories, sometimes personal. Her work is driven by storytelling, to connect with others. Her hope is that through music, we can stand in solidarity, heal together and eliminate the prejudices that segregate and divide us still.

Feiloka is currently taking time off to focus on improving her mental health. She is a complex trauma survivor and an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and child abuse. She is excited about incorporating music into the healing journey.

‘Eventide’ is available on all major music streaming platforms.

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